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Enter the wonderful dark world of Laney Chantal, a Los Angeles based Special Effect makeup artist who has worked with the likes of Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. this creature entitled “ELF” was done on our owner & designer Teale Coco for an exclusive Shibari inspired photoshoot with photographer and Shibari artist Darren Eskandari.

Laney special effects makeup took roughly 2 hours from top to toe, created in her Los Angeles home surrounded by her most loved soft toy collection.

Darren Eskandari – Photographer
Teale Coco -Model

 Kayla Marie -Hair
Laney Chantal – Makeup

  • Blackmass Full Body Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Bondage Barbie Choker pink Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Bralette Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Collar Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Corset Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Devils Clutch Bust Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Devils Spine Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Double Pentagram Full Body Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Goetia High Waisted Garter Belt (Dusted Pink)

  • Lucifer pink Full Body Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Magick Thigh Garter (Dusted Pink)

  • Medusa Full Leg pink Harness (Dusted Pink)


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