Do you ever think about what you should wear with your black clothes? Well the answer is obvious: More black of course!! Black IS the new black after all.

Our ‘Classic Black’ collection inspired by fetish and the human form; features original handmade designs in our signature velvet black satin elastic. If you are dressing up street-wear, complementing lingerie (or lack thereof), our harnesses are staples to any wardrobe. These are the ultimate styling accessories to create a match made in HEAVEN (or hell?)

Each garment is handmade with love in Melbourne, Australia from the highest quality fabrics – all sourced with the purpose of comfort and flexibility for the wearer.



  • Devils Spine Harness (Black)

  • Vampire Choker (Black)

  • Viper Choker (Black)

  • XXX Full Body Harness (Dusted Pink)

  • Bondage Barbie Choker Harness (Black)

  • Sultry Split Mesh Skirt

  • Sale!

    Bune Mesh Long Sleeve Crop

    $125.00 $100.00
  • Blk Magic Thigh Garter (Black)

  • Corset Harness (Black)

  • Serpent Garter Belt (Black)

  • Magick Thigh Garter (Black)

  • Sale!

    Amon Mesh Racer Back Crop

    $120.00 $80.00
  • UFO Thigh Garter (Black)

  • Triple Goddess Choker (Black)

  • Hidden Treasure Choker (Black)

  • High Priestess Crop Harness (Black)

  • Ken Crop Harness (Black)

  • X Crop Harness (Black)

  • XXX Full Body Harness (Black)

  • Bralette Harness (Black)

  • Devil’s Clutch Bust Harness (Black)

  • Siren Caged Bust Harness (Black)

  • Goetia High Waisted Garter Belt (Black)

  • Double Pentagram Full body Harness (Black)

  • Medusa Full Leg Harness (Black)

  • Blackmass Full Body Harness (Black)

  • Collar Bust Harness (Black)

  • Lunar Eclipse Mesh Catsuit

  • Pentagram Harness (Black)

  • Lucifer Full Body Harness (Black)