It’s a BLOOD BATH!! Embrace your inner demons and open the fiery gates of hell in our blood-red fetish harness collection. Featuring our signature and best selling designs in exquisite velvet, satin-finished elastic. Our garments accentuate the passion within, seducing the soul and hearts of those who dare to cross your path!

Each garment is handmade with love in Melbourne, Australia from the highest quality fabrics – all sourced with the purpose of comfort and flexibility for the wearer.


  • Vampire Choker (Bloodbath Red)

  • Viper Choker (Bloodbath Red)

  • Double Pentagram Full Body Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Bralette Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Devils Spine Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Goetia Garter Belt (Bloodbath Red)

  • Devil’s Clutch Bust Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Magick Thigh Garter (Blood Red)

  • Red Collar Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Triple Goddess Red Necklace Choker (Bloodbath Red)

  • Pentagram Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Bondage Barbie Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Serpent Garter Belt (Bloodbath Red)

  • X Crop Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Siren Caged Bust Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Lucifer Full body Harness (Bloodbath Red)

  • Blackmass Full Body Harness (Bloodbath Red)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Red Corset Harness (Bloodbath Red)