BONEDAGE is a line of accessories and couture items by visual artist Jamie Roadkill. All BONEDAGE pieces are accented with real bones and/or claws which the designer has processed herself.

She has been collecting and processing bones from roadkill since 2012, and launched BONEDAGE in 2015 as an intersection of her fashion interests: bone jewellery and S&M fetish wear.


Handmade in NYC: Intenebris was born of a love for all things dark, as well as the appreciation for both the rough & the refined. Each piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and imbued with a tremendous love and appreciation for creative mediums of many kinds. This all encompassing passion for these mediums have manifested themselves in several ever-growing & distinct collections which speak to individuals from all walks of life. Music, art, fashion, architecture, dark subject matter, technology. Designer Jonathan Silva, has sought out to create a style not seen before in the world of wearable art.


Spoke Woven grew from the support of loved ones and the universe. People believing in the power of honing in on a craft and bringing reality to vision through collaboration with others.

Making dreamcatchers isn't just a artisan craft, it is a creative process that is cathartic and healing and full of growth and spiritual connection.


Committed to quality and authenticity, Metal Couture presents clients with extraordinary pieces of jewellery that capture the essence of the wearer, or symbolise significant moments in their lives.