Terms & Privacy

Description Policy

Before making the decision to purchase an item/s from Teale Coco, please take the time to make sure you have read the whole description, checked all measurements (we recommend that you do this in comparison to similar items of your own) and reviewed all images. Every item is described extensively and should provide you with a thorough understanding of it’s characteristics.


Order Cancellation 

Teale Coco reserves the right to cancel your order at any time, with sufficient reason. Reasons for cancellation of orders may be varied. If any faults in our system allow for the same item to be processed and invoiced for several different purchasers- the item will be sold to the party who’s payment is received first enabling the order to be processed first. Orders may be cancelled for several different reasons. If your order is declined, you will be made aware via email, with the reason stated as to why. Orders may be cancelled in several cases, and full refunds of purchase price and shipping costs will be made.


Address Error

Teale Coco cannot be held responsible for an incorrect address being entered on your Order. If you have made an error on your address please email Teale Coco within 24 hours of placing order to have address changed.



Although pricing may not always seem consistent to you, prices are not negotiable. All pricing is made by the discretion of Teale Coco and based on all, one, or any of the following traits: rarity, quality, beauty, personal value, financial value, and degradation. We reserve the right to change price at any time, including pre-order items, prior to a sale being made of the physical item. The price that the item is quoted at, at the time of checkout, is the price you will be charged.


Return Policy

 Due to the intimate areas some accessories and lingerie are worn on the body Teale Coco cannot accept the return of such items due to health and hygiene regulations.

If you find something wrong with your purchase please email Teale Coco with attached images of your concern and if found to be faulty items may be returned to us and we will repair the garment free of charge. We will also cover return shipping.

If you have chosen the wrong size garment we will exchange your garment for the right size, all you have to do is email us and return the item. 

Teale Coco does not offer refunds or cancellations due to a change of mind. All purchases are final.


Faulty Items

 if it is suspected that you may have received a faulty item OR there seems to be damage done to your purchase then we can offer an exchange of the same garment, all we ask is that you ship the item back (at OUR expense, we will transfer you the necessary funds to do so). 

Privacy & Security

Teale Coco accepts PayPal and direct bank transfer. Payment must be made upon placing your Order using the site. You must comply with the terms and conditions of these providers. PayPal ensures the protection of both you as a buyer, and us as a seller.  Teale Coco is dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information, we collect in relation to you, is kept strictly secure under all circumstances. We will never pass on, sell, or swap any of your personal details with anyone. We use this information to identify your orders, and personalize your shopping experience with us- your information will be used for YOU only. As all payment transactions will be made via PayPal, your financial information will stay under the protection of the PayPal system.


Upon receiving your order we carry out a standard pre-authorization check on your payment card to ensure there is sufficient funds to fulfill the transaction. Goods will not be dispatched until this pre-authorization check has been completed. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to, or does not authorize payment for any reason, then you will be notified of this immediately prior to completing your purchase using the Site at the check-out stage. Your card will be debited once the Order has been accepted.


Please see PayPal for more information on PayPal Payments.