Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins X Teale Coco

Based in Melbourne, Sean embarked on a career in photography after completing his bachelor of photography at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. He is now 24-years-old and predominantly works as a dance photographer for many commercial dance schools around Australia. Teale and Sean met each other during a shoot organised through Teale’s original mother agency. The two instantly kicked it off as Teale was drawn to the way Sean’s aesthetic used his prior experience in dance to capture movement by means of both photography and videography.

Both being perfectionists; Teale and Sean hold high regards for the neatness and finesse in their aesthetic and this has lead Sean to become a meticulous retoucher and digital artist. They have worked together since the opening of Teale Coco and continue to bring their fantasies to life in the show stopping images they create together.

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the first ever editorial for Teale Coco the label was shot in 2013 by Sean, entitled "BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK" featured in the images above. The images were taken during Teale's first meeting with Sean through her then mother modelling agency.

thereafter, Teale and Sean worked closely together creating all future Teale Coco editorials together. below features Sean's work with Teale throughout the years 2013 - 2017)