Teale Coco for Stylenoir

*EXCLUSIVE* interview with Teale Coco for Stylenoir, issue may, 2016

read below:

sum up your designs for our readers

EMPOWERING statement pieces inspired by the occult with a fetish twist.

what are you currently working on?

world domination and a whole bunch of sexy things.

why dark style, or culture?

I have always been drawn to the darkness. the darkness is where al of your darkest fantasies come to life. there is also something so timeless and elegant about BLACK. empowering, it works with the human body and accentuates our natural curves and features, giving people confidence to see their body for what it really is.... BEAUTIFUL!!!!

how did Teale Coco brand come into being?

it all started with a vision and a dream. I first started TC with my first 3 harnesses designs; (the "COLLAR" "PENTAGRAM" and "BRALETTE"). I would make them for myself and wear them on my social media. people started showing a lot of interest and wanted to purchase them, I was however not comfortable selling anything I had sewn myself as I was not the best sewer, so I decided the start up TC and hire an industry trained seamstress to help my dreams become a reality. we redesigned the harnesses to make them ADJUSTABLE to almost ALL sizes (6-26 AUS/0-22 the US). all of a sudden it blew up and we went from 0 following to 50K in less than 3 months!!!

what currently inspires your designs? weather the occult or anatomy, is there something your focusing on right now?

at the moment my designs are inspired by the idea of wearable fetish. I love the look of latex but I hate the way it wears, feels & smells. instead, i work with a PVC stretch fabric that looks exactly the same without the discomfort of wearing latex. this fabric designed specifically for dancewear, so it is comfortable, wearable AND durable! unlike latex.

right now we are in the middle of finalising a NEW black accessories and clothing collection focusing on the old favourites we all love in fetish with a more wearable, high fashion twist!

how would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as DARK LIGHT. a mixture of a beautiful unearthly angelic figured that walked straight out of the depths of hell. I generally only wear black, but when I do play with colours it's RED and PURPLE.

your style icons?

Michele Lamy, Alexander Wang, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Brooke Candy & Grimes


two most important moments that influenced your style?

when I was 19 I shaved my head, this was a HUGE turning point for my style. I started wearing wigs of all different styles and colours, I would put in different coloured contacts inspired by the king Marilyn Manson, and I would embellish my face with jewels and crystals. it's the moment I stopped caring about what people thought about me and started dressing up as characters/persona's I had created for myself. it was liberating and a huge turning point in what my style is today. the second important moment would be my own label. I design my label based on clothing and accessories I WANT to wear but can simply not find anywhere else. I knew there was something lacking in the market, and I was here to create it. it gave me free Raine to create and wear whatever I wanted to and it seems others were looking for the same things!

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