Teale Coco draws influences from what lies within us: sexuality, human anatomy, occultism, spirituality – combined with the beauty beyond our bodies: high fashion, subculture, fetish, to promote unique beauty in every form, creating powerful statement pieces that EMPOWER the wearer. 

Genderless, powerfully sexual, form-fitting and flattering, our designs allow you to choose the message they send dependent on your look, mood and attitude. 

The Teale Coco family is made up of gifted fashion students across the disciplines of patternmaking, manufacture and design. Our creative process encourages these incredible minds to push the boundaries and work to the best of their abilities, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality throughout all aspects of manufacturing.

All Teale Coco garments are hand cut individually and are produced in extremely limited quantity to ensure the exclusivity of every design. Every piece is handmade in Melbourne, Australia, with the kind of quality that only comes from hand craftsmanship.

We specialise in custom orders. ANY garment design can be produced to ANY size requirement. If you are interested in a custom order, feel free to contact us directly.

our team works together with local and international artisans to help support the endeavors of new, upcoming and underground artists alike. Our aim is to support not only young and upcoming artists but also to promote the underground Australian and international arts scenes.

‘Teale Coco’ delves into the world of domination and gives an elegant empowerment to all those who wear it. 

 *For more details on this service feel free to email us (link on ‘contact page’).