Teale Coco draws influences from what lies within us: sexuality, human anatomy, occultism, spirituality – combined with the beauty beyond our bodies: high fashion, subculture, fetish, to promote unique beauty in every form, creating powerful statement pieces that EMPOWER the wearer. Genderless, powerfully sexual, form-fitting and flattering, our designs allow you to choose the message they send dependent on your look, mood and attitude. The Teale Coco family is made up of gifted fashion students across the disciplines of pattern-making, manufacture and design. Our creative process encourages these incredible minds to push the boundaries and work to the best of their abilities, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality throughout all aspects of manufacturing. All Teale Coco garments are hand cut individually and are produced in limited quantities, ensuring sustainable craftsmanship, & exclusivity of every design. Every piece is handmade in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in custom orders. Any garment can be adjusted to suit you & your desires. If you are interested in working with us to create your personalised garment use the contact form below. Our team works together with local and international artisans to help support the upcoming and underground community. Our aim is to support artists new ventures and promote the underground Australian and international arts scenes.

Teale Coco delves into the world of domination and gives an elegant empowerment to all those who wear it.

Meet Teale Coco, Self-titled brand owner, designer, international model, photographer and creative director of her eponymous fashion line. Teale begin her journey with an interest in photography, in particular, self portraiture. from an early age Teale loved taking photos of herself, others and surroundings. this lead Teale to pursue her interest in photography later in life. After completing her bachelor degree in Photography (major commercial, minor fashion) at RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia. During this time Teale was scouted by a local Melbourne modelling agency and started her modelling career internationally in 2012. She is now represented by four countries world wide including Tokyo, Milano, NYC & London. Teale began her concept of "one size fits most" adjustable accessories during one of her Tokyo trips in which she was inspired. This lead to the start her eponymous fashion label at the end of 2013. Not only is Teale site model, but she also photographs, edits, does makeup and creatively directs all of ‘Teale Coco’ look books and editorial images. Influenced by Fetish, Bondage, The Occult, Anatomy, Spirituality and Body Positivity and self love, Teale strives on creating unusual and liberating designs that empower those who wear them. “ I am looking to create unique, quality garments that specialise in exclusivity and empower the wearer. unusually elegant form fitting designs that cater to the underworld of dark, sensual, tailored garments that can be styled hundreds of ways. My designs are liberating, dominate statement pieces that are not defined by sex or body size”